Ultralight Towel Poncho


Ultralight Towel Poncho

“why use a towel when you can Toncho” 

Towel + Poncho = TONCHO


Introducing the Toncho! This completely original towel poncho will allow you to change quickly and hassle free. With a Toncho you can have your arms free to get changed as quickly or as slowly as you like, because you won’t have people staring at you nor will you have to battle the elements! From Carpark to campsite, in wind or rain, a Toncho has you covered!


One size fits all

This towel poncho is one of the few microfibre ponchos on the market today! A Toncho Provides full coverage for active men and women of all shapes and sizes.

Easy discreet changing

Forget about holding up a towel or changing in the car. You will be able to get in and out of your beach, surf or swimwear easily

Ultra absorbent

Made of tight-weave microfibre material that absorbs up to 8x more water than a regular Towel Poncho. Perfect for all day use at the beach surfing or at the swimming pool.

Super fast drying

No more heavy, sopping-wet towels in your beach or swim bag! This premium towel dries fast, much faster than standard towels, so you can just hang it up and re-use it again and again. Machine washable.

Saves you space

Tonchos are 60% smaller than a conventional towel poncho and at 360g weighs the same as a can of cola. This ulltralight solution will then leave you with extra space for your beach, camping, or swimming kit.


Exeter, England